ARCTIC HERBS the essences of Southern Greenland. Wild herbs collected in the mountains by local sheep farmers and gently dried in airy and shadowy places in the Greenlandic highland. There is no need to use energy in the drying process and therefore there is no carbon dioxide emissions; the humidity is so low and the air is so clean, that nature does the work. Fine aromatic herbs for cooking that will awake your tastebuds in the Greenlandic way. Due to the harsh growth conditions, the short growing season with sunshine in day-to-day operations, it develops into one of the finest and most delicious tunes in the world. Nordboers still use it for both food and medicine. To maintain the fine taste, the arctic herbs are not heat-treated. 

The angelica plant is one of the northerners' basic foods. Due to a large content of vitamin C, the Angelica plant is also known as the north's ginseng. The young leaves are handpicked and air dried to maintain the fine taste. The dried leaves is very suitable for spice fish, meat, desserts, bread, tea and much more. 

Arctic thyme creeps flat out of the ground and lights up on rocky areas with its little purple flowers. The thyme has a wonderful intense, nice, soft and sweet taste. It can spice a lamb, like nothing else, but is also very suitable for both dark or light meat. In the teen, it works

anti-inflammatory and tastes wonderful at the same time.