ARCTIC ALCOHOL The Enghaven farm near Randers in Denmark provides the ideal situation for production of our arctic alcohol. Here, spirits are produced under the principle of “presence throughout the entire process from planning to serving”. Right outside the door there is clean and fresh spring water, and in the local area neighbours grow the potatoes for the production of the spirit. The still is hand-welded from cupper and stainless

steel, which is the best for gaining the optimum aromatics and flavour in the spirits as well as clarity in the alcohol.

Most of the products comes in a small and a large size. Click on the bottle for more infomation.

Denne gin er tilsat vilde sortebær fra Grønland. Kvann Kompagniet samarbejder med lokale fåreholdere som samler sortebær der  vokser på åbne fugtige områder i det sydlige Grønland. Bærrene fryses omhyggeligt og sendes til vores mikrodestilleri i Jylland, Danmark, hvor de friske bær giver denne gin en fin lang eftersmag af vilde bær.

We have designed and produced this exclusive gin

with the finest notes of wild herbs from the harsh growing conditions

far up north. Kvann Kompagniet’s premium gin is carefully produced

in collaboration with Brænderiet Enghaven. Comes in two sizes.

A beautiful golden brown ale spiced with the arctic angelica plant. The angelica is handpicked in Greenland and dried carefully so that the aroma are preserved. The beer has a rich taste of angelica, rounded with a light sweetness. Produced

in collaboration with Holbæk Bryggeri.

Arctic thyme creeps along the ground in Southern Greenland where its small purple flowers lighten up the stony areas. The extremely hardy dwarf grows on hillsides and in chalky areas. Arctic thyme has a wonderful, intense, extinguished, soft and sweet flavour, which is applied to this aqua vitae made from Danish potatoes.

The aqua vitae is suitable for a nice lunch. However, it is also suitable as it is.

Greenlandic post is a treasured herb in Greenland, where it has long been used for both medical and gastronomic purposes. The refined taste of the schnapps let the mind wander to the North.

The herbs are handpicked in the fells of Southern Greenland and the schnapps is made using long-established handicraft traditions.

The Greenlandic Post Schnapps is a limited edition and each bottle is numbered.

Produced for us by Brænderiet Enghaven.

The alcohol in this aqua vitae is made from Danish quality potatoes and is distilled in accordance with traditional skills. The unique Arctic angelica, which has been collected and dried in Southern Greenland, gives flavour to the alcohol.

The aqua vitae is suitable for a nice lunch. However, it is also suitable as it is.

This aqua vitae has its colour and flavour from wild crowberries collected in Southern Greenland. Excellent alcohol, produced in accordance with old-fashioned methods, has extracted the berries’ characteristics. 

The aqua vitae has been matured with the purpose of offering an exquisite experience in line with the beauty and grandeur of the mountains.

Rye bread snacks seasoned with wild angelica from Greenland combines the Danish rye bread tradition with the Greenlandic tradition to use wild herbs from the mountains in the cuisine.

Perfect as a snack to either a drink or a cold ale.